Bringing Our Services To You

van-02Our “mobile medical office” is a beautifully renovated 26’ commercial transport vehicle with a waiting area, laboratory and examination room! We have an on board roof top satellite dish and we are WiFi equipped.

Our secure cloud-based software allows us to share information with the companies who have contracted with us via the web. Secure access allows our clients to manage lists of employees, edit employee information, request appointments, see status or results of exams and testing, view forms, and print documents. We are also able to instantaneously print and transmit electronic Medical Certificates.

If you are a fleet owner/operator we offer a program in which an employer can choose any month they would like to have most or all of their drivers certified. Then we schedule all of them in that month on as few days as possible. We can usually perform up to as many as 15 physicals in one day. We provide a financial incentive in the form of a large discount for this option because it is beneficial to both the employer and us. We also offer after hours and weekend examinations.

As of May 21 2014, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are requiring DOT exams to be performed by a certified medical examiner. A certified medical examiner can be found on the FMCSA’s National Registry. You can view the DOT physical evaluation requirements here.

Whereas in the past most licensed health care professionals were able to perform and evaluate DOT exams, this new policy requires that the health care professional attend a training course and pass an exam to earn certification. As a provider of DOT exams and DOT drug testing all of our medical examiners are federally certified to perform DOT exams and are familiar with the requirements in order to certify a driver.

We are ready to serve you at your business. And don’t worry about locating the vehicle. We can usually negotiate with nearby shopping centers, gas station or rest stops to utilize their parking lots. We are fully insured and can offer these entities full coverage and no liability for utilization of their property.

This is the most convenient alternative ever offered with which to provide the required medical examination for the millions of professional drivers and others who depend on DOT medical certification to keep them safely and legally on the road.

  • Convenience – downtime is reduced with exams at the worksite vs. drivers traveling to and waiting at clinics.
  • Compliance – registered D.O.T. examiners have liability ensuring your reduced risk and exposure.
  • Quality – we promote quality outcomes at your location providing pre-exam support information to drivers.